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BW Gottschee got its start in 1951, after a group of Austrian immigrants who had settled in the Ridgewood and Glendale sections of Queens, New York sought to recreate the spirit of their homeland by forming a soccer club. They wound up doing a lot more than that: Through the success of both their men’s and juniors’ programs, BW Gottschee has elevated the level of soccer being played in the U.S.

Blau Weiss Gottschee remains one of the nation’s largest and most successful clubs thanks in large part to the high level of volunteerism by coaches and select parents. In addition, it has continued to expand interest in soccer through its girls program and an intramural division (for children ages 4-9). Perhaps most important, the club is part of the U.S. Soccer Developmental Academy Program, ensuring that Blau Weiss Gottschee will remain a soccer force for years to come.